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For your convenience, all of Stevenson-Mischel-Olson and Price Murphy Funeral Home's archived obits have been combined for easier searching.

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2/10/2003 Columbia Victims  () Unavailable
2/25/2003 Elizabeth Allen  (Allen, Elizabeth) Dickinson
5/2/2003 Alvina (Fischer) Allerdings  (Allerdings, Alvina (Fischer)) Unavailable
6/10/2003 Lena Aman  (Aman, Lena) Dickinson
1/13/2003 Connie J. Askin  (Askin, Connie J.) Baker
12/16/2003 Larry John Austin  (Austin, Larry John) Baker
4/19/2003 Patricia "Pat" Banning  (Banning, Patricia "Pat") Baker
11/4/2003 Francis J. Barth  (Barth, Francis) Dickinson
3/14/2003 Paraska Belinski  (Belinski, Paraska) Dickinson
12/13/2003 Richard A. Bennett  (Bennett, Richard A.) Dickinson
8/21/2003 Olive Benson  (Benson, Olive) Dickinson
5/20/2003 Herman Berg  (Berg, Herman) Killdeer
3/1/2003 Louise Bickerdyke  (Bickerdyke, Louise) Ekalaka
3/6/2003 Helen Biel  (Biel, Helen) Dickinson
4/12/2003 Sylvester Binek  (Binek, Sylvester) Dickinson
10/16/2003 Barbara Binstock  (Binstock, Barbara) Dickinson
8/1/2003 Hilda Boepple  (Boepple, Hilda) Dickinson
9/22/2003 William (Bill) Bohle  (Bohle, William) Dickinson
2/3/2003 Roger Boltz  (Boltz, Roger) Dickinson
7/10/2003 Destry A. Bonsell  (Bonsell, Destry A.) Ekalaka
7/16/2003 Eunice N. Bossert  (Bossert, Eunice) Killdeer
1/5/2003 LeRoy H. Boyd  (Boyd, LeRoy H.) Dickinson
12/30/2003 Bridget Braun  (Braun, Bridget) Dickinson
4/22/2003 Louie Braun  (Braun, Louie) Dickinson
8/4/2003 Edwin H. Breum  (Breum, Edwin) Dickinson
8/25/2003 Dodd Brott  (Brott, Dodd) Baker
8/23/2003 Adolph Burkhardt  (Burkhardt, Adolph) Dickinson
11/26/2003 Joyce Burr  (Burr, Joyce) Dickinson
5/8/2003 Milo Burwick  (Burwick, Milo) Dickinson
9/24/2003 Jack L. Carlson  (Carlson, Jack L. ) Dickinson
6/25/2003 Sydne K. Carlson  (Carlson, Sydne K.) Unavailable
9/4/2003 Angelito Daniel Dwight Castorena  (Castorena, Angelito Daniel Dwight) Dickinson
4/16/2003 Emil Cerkoney  (Cerkoney, Emil) Killdeer
11/25/2003 Emma Chalupnik  (Chalupnik, Emma) Dickinson
11/25/2003 Emma Chalupnik  (Chalupnik, Emma) Dickinson
11/25/2003 Emma Chalupnik  (Chalupnik, Emma) Dickinson
1/29/2003 Mildred Cross  (Cross, Mildred) Dickinson
4/29/2003 L. George Cruikshank  (Cruikshank, L. George) Baker
9/23/2003 Jim Cuskelly  (Cuskelly, Jim) Killdeer
7/28/2003 Leone Dardis  (Dardis, Leone) Killdeer
6/2/2003 Neva Mae (Askin) Dietz  (Dietz, Neva Mae (Askin)) Baker
4/4/2003 Sister Eileen Dietz  (Dietz, Sister Eileen) Dickinson
3/28/2003 Donna G. Dingfelder  (Dingfelder, Donna G.) Ekalaka
1/10/2003 Douglas A. Duffield  (Duffield, Douglas A.) Baker
1/4/2003 Maria Duletsky  (Duletsky, Maria) Dickinson
3/17/2003 George L. Dvorak  (Dvorak, George L.) Dickinson
2/20/2003 Julia Dvorak  (Dvorak, Julia) Dickinson
4/21/2003 Frank X. Eberts  (Eberts, Frank X.) Dickinson
8/7/2003 Pauline Ehlis  (Ehlis, Pauline) Dickinson
10/21/2003 Muriel Elkins  (Elkins, Muriel) Dickinson
5/19/2003 Evalin Faiman  (Faiman, Evalin) Dickinson
2/27/2003 Clara Farwell  (Farwell, Clara) Ekalaka
1/25/2003 Kathryn Ferderer  (Ferderer, Kathryn) Dickinson
7/31/2003 Jon Paul Fettig  (Fettig, Jon Paul) Dickinson
8/30/2003 Myrtle "Mert" Finneman  (Finneman, Myrtle "Mert") Baker
7/5/2003 Donald "Don" Frank  (Frank, Donald) Dickinson
10/13/2003 Pauline Frank  (Frank, Pauline) Dickinson
6/2/2003 Susanna Freer  (Freer, Susanna) Dickinson
10/24/2003 Patricia F. Freese  (Freese, Patricia) Ekalaka
9/18/2003 Preston Freidt  (Freidt, Preston) Dickinson
1/6/2003 Clarence Fried  (Fried, Clarence) Baker
11/24/2003 Mertis Fritz  (Fritz, Mertis) Dickinson
10/6/2003 Raymond Froehlich  (Froehlich, Raymond) Dickinson
1/16/2003 Mike Gaab  (Gaab, Mike) Dickinson
9/3/2003 Jenny Gerhart  (Gerhart, Jenny) Dickinson
6/24/2003 Della Gilbert  (Gilbert, Della) Killdeer
7/1/2003 James Gilliam  (Gilliam, James) Dickinson
2/11/2003 Carl Grieb  (Grieb, Carl) Ekalaka
6/10/2003 Marian Gulka  (Gulka, Marian) Dickinson
10/15/2003 Harry S. Gustafson  (Gustafson, Harry S.) Dickinson
9/10/2003 Agnes Halstead  (Halstead, Agnes) Dickinson
12/6/2003 Betty (Gerber) Hammel  (Hammel, Betty (Gerber)) Dickinson
12/12/2003 Agnes Hansen  (Hansen, Agnes) Dickinson
1/23/2003 Isabel Hanson  (Hanson, Isabel) Dickinson
7/7/2003 Loretta Hardy  (Hardy, Loretta) Dickinson
3/20/2003 Sister Gemma Hartinger  (Hartinger, Sister Gemma) Dickinson
9/2/2003 Myrtle Hartse  (Hartse, Myrtle) Baker
11/14/2003 Joseph L. Havelka  (Havelka, Joseph L. ) Dickinson
6/7/2003 Andrew H. Haverlock  (Haverlock, Andrew H.) Dickinson
2/1/2003 Evelyn Hedges  (Hedges, Evelyn) Ekalaka
2/18/2003 Evelyn Hedges  (Hedges, Evelyn) Dickinson
2/11/2003 Viola Heick  (Heick, Viola) Dickinson
12/23/2003 Frank J. Herauf  (Herauf, Frank J.) Dickinson
12/12/2003 Delilas "De" Herbst  (Herbst, Delilas ) Baker
3/29/2003 Marie Herold  (Herold, Marie) Dickinson
7/9/2003 Joseph L. Hild  (Hild, Joseph L.) Dickinson
12/20/2003 Esther Holm  (Holm, Esther) Dickinson
7/23/2003 Martha Hondl  (Hondl, Martha) Dickinson
5/9/2003 Dale Horner Sr.  (Horner, Dale Sr.) Ekalaka
12/6/2003 Irma Hovden  (Hovden, Irma) Dickinson
8/23/2003 Bette Howard  (Howard, Bette) Dickinson
9/20/2003 Gloria Howell  (Howell, Gloria) Ekalaka
2/11/2003 Helen Hughes  (Hughes, Helen) Ekalaka
1/5/2003 Clifford Hurich  (Hurich, Clifford) Unavailable
2/12/2003 Louis Jensen  (Jensen, Louis) Baker
8/2/2003 Helen Agnes Kadrmas  (Kadrmas, Helen Agnes) Dickinson
7/17/2003 Rose Kadrmas  (Kadrmas, Rose) Dickinson
1/25/2003 Evelyn Kary  (Kary, Evelyn) Dickinson
2/3/2003 Anna Kaufman  (Kaufman, Anna) Killdeer
7/16/2003 Ervin H. Red Keirle  (Keirle, Ervin H. Red) Baker
5/24/2003 Albert Keller  (Keller, Albert) Dickinson
1/28/2003 Leo Kessel  (Kessel, Leo) Dickinson
1/24/2003 Raymond Kilen  (Kilen, Raymond) Dickinson
11/8/2003 George Kirschenheiter  (Kirschenheiter, George) Dickinson
6/13/2003 Agnes Kittilson  (Kittilson, Agnes) Killdeer
1/11/2003 Mayme Klemisch  (Klemisch, Mayme) Dickinson
8/26/2003 Allen Klungtvedt  (Klungtvedt, Allen) Dickinson
9/1/2003 Andrew Koch  (Koch, Andrew) Dickinson
7/4/2003 Minnie Koffler  (Koffler, Minnie) Dickinson
7/9/2003 Evelyn Kopp  (Kopp, Evelyn) Dickinson
11/1/2003 Robert Koppinger  (Koppinger, Robert) Dickinson
3/3/2003 Mary Kordonowy  (Kordonowy, Mary) Dickinson
11/3/2003 Agnes Kostelecky  (Kostelecky, Agnes) Dickinson
6/7/2003 Rose Kostelecky  (Kostelecky, Rose) Dickinson
10/17/2003 John K. Krebs  (Krebs, John) Dickinson
7/8/2003 Sally Krous  (Krous, Sally) Dickinson
6/16/2003 Adolph Kudrna  (Kudrna, Adolph) Dickinson
3/3/2003 Frank A. Kudrna  (Kudrna, Frank A.) Dickinson
2/17/2003 Mary Kudrna  (Kudrna, Mary) Dickinson
2/5/2003 Anna Marie Kurtz  (Kurtz, Anna Marie) Dickinson
5/12/2003 Laurence D. Lambert  (Lambert, Laurence D.) Ekalaka
1/2/2003 Agnes Landeis  (Landeis, Agnes) Dickinson
1/30/2003 Edna Lawhead  (Lawhead, Edna) Killdeer
7/25/2003 Rose Leintz  (Leintz, Rose) Dickinson
6/5/2003 Sister Anne Lenertz  (Lenertz, Sister Anne) Dickinson
1/14/2003 Grant Lofthus  (Lofthus, Grant) Dickinson
5/28/2003 Dwight L. Loutzenhiser  (Loutzenhiser, Dwight L.) Baker
10/20/2003 Earl Ludwig  (Ludwig, Earl) Baker
9/8/2003 Elizabeth Ann Madison  (Madison, Elizabeth Ann) Killdeer
6/18/2003 Ann Mayer  (Mayer, Ann) Dickinson
2/7/2003 Sylvia McCamish  (McCamish, Sylvia) Ekalaka
7/11/2003 John Patrick McCarty II  (McCarty, John Patrick) Dickinson
4/1/2003 Wallace McKenzie  (McKenzie, Wallace) Dickinson
1/3/2003 Larry D. Meduna  (Meduna, Larry D.) Dickinson
8/5/2003 Anna Mary Meier  (Meier, Anna Mary) Dickinson
6/6/2003 Eugene L. Mesling  (Mesling, Eugene L. ) Dickinson
3/27/2003 Paul Meyer  (Meyer, Paul) Dickinson
3/13/2003 Adam Miller  (Miller, Adam) Dickinson
8/25/2003 Albert Mischel  (Mischel, Albert) Dickinson
7/23/2003 Mildred Moline  (Moline, Mildred) Baker
2/24/2003 Edward Molstad  (Molstad, Edward) Baker
11/18/2003 Katherine K. Morel  (Morel, Katherine) Dickinson
1/31/2003 Carson Murdy  (Murdy, Carson) Dickinson
7/12/2003 Bill "Murph" Murphy  (Murphy, Bill) Dickinson
7/7/2003 Elmer Neckels  (Neckels, Elmer) Dickinson
1/29/2003 Ethel Nelson  (Nelson, Ethel) Killdeer
5/30/2003 Morris G. Nelson  (Nelson, Morris G.) Dickinson
4/3/2003 Layton Newton  (Newton, Layton) Dickinson
5/24/2003 Russel Newton  (Newton, Russel) Dickinson
2/11/2003 Irvin F. Noftsker  (Noftsker, Irvin F.) Baker
10/15/2003 Mary Novotny  (Novotny, Mary) Dickinson
2/20/2003 Bennie Oberlander  (Oberlander, Bennie) Dickinson
10/15/2003 Nora O'Hearn  (O'Hearn, Nora) Dickinson
10/14/2003 Hedwiges "Harriet" Olheiser  (Olheiser, Hedwiges) Dickinson
9/12/2003 Margaret Louise Orf  (Orf, Margaret Louis) Dickinson
6/10/2003 Ray C. Paasch  (Paasch, Ray C.) Dickinson
11/25/2003 Mary E. Palaniuk  (Palaniuk, Mary E.) Dickinson
1/18/2003 Zoey Elizabeth Paulson  (Paulson, Zoey Elizabeth) Dickinson
8/9/2003 Bessie Pavlicek  (Pavlicek, Bessie) Dickinson
4/18/2003 Howard Payne  (Payne, Howard) Dickinson
5/13/2003 Tony Perzinski  (Perzinski, Tony) Dickinson
1/28/2003 Dorothy Pfau  (Pfau, Dorothy) Dickinson
1/8/2003 Peter S. Raab  (Raab, Peter S.) Dickinson
7/6/2003 Martha Rediske  (Rediske, Martha) Baker
4/3/2003 Monica M. Reichert  (Reichert, Monica M.) Dickinson
11/19/2003 Dean Reisenauer  (Reisenauer, Dean) Dickinson
4/30/2003 Sister Margil Renner  (Renner, Sister Margil) Dickinson
1/7/2003 Gordon Ridl  (Ridl, Gordon) Dickinson
8/18/2003 Eleanor Rieckman  (Rieckman, Eleanor) Dickinson
2/20/2003 Cecilia Roller  (Roller, Cecilia) Dickinson
2/26/2003 Anna Roshau  (Roshau, Anna) Killdeer
1/4/2003 Rose C. Rotering  (Rotering, Rose C.) Dickinson
9/18/2003 Ralph Rustad  (Rustad, Ralph) Baker
9/12/2003 Edith Sadowsky  (Sadowsky, Edith) Dickinson
3/4/2003 Mary Sadowsky  (Sadowsky, Mary) Dickinson
10/17/2003 Anton Sattler  (Sattler, Anton) Dickinson
10/2/2003 Vernon J. Schiff  (Schiff, Vernon) Dickinson
8/30/2003 Elsie Schlapfer  (Schlapfer, Elsie) Dickinson
9/5/2003 Nick Schmaltz  (Schmaltz, Nick) Unavailable
12/15/2003 Margaret Schmidt  (Schmidt, Margaret) Dickinson
6/12/2003 Dean Schocker  (Schocker, Dean) Dickinson
2/18/2003 Anna Schopp  (Schopp, Anna) Baker
2/6/2003 LaVerne Schuh  (Schuh, LaVerne) Baker
4/21/2003 George Schwartzbauer  (Schwartzbauer, George) Dickinson
11/14/2003 Anna Mae Schweigert  (Schweigert, Anna Mae) Baker
11/14/2003 Anton J. Schwindt  (Schwindt, Anton J.) Dickinson
3/8/2003 Shirley Ann Schwindt  (Schwindt, Shirley Ann) Killdeer
5/8/2003 Martin Setinc  (Setinc, Martin) Baker
2/22/2003 Marie Skachenko  (Skachenko, Marie) Killdeer
8/18/2003 Delila "Lila" Smith  (Smith, Delila "Lila") Baker
7/1/2003 Audrey Souther  (Souther, Audrey) Baker
8/21/2003 Kay Splichal  (Splichal, Kay) Dickinson
2/6/2003 Doris Stanhope  (Stanhope, Doris) Baker
8/16/2003 Linda D. Stieg  (Stieg, Linda D.) Ekalaka
11/4/2003 Kenneth Mason Stottlemyer  (Stottlemeyer, Kenneth Mason) Unavailable
5/12/2003 George J. Sykora  (Sykora, George J.) Dickinson
4/28/2003 Jessie Townsend  (Townsend, Jessie) Ekalaka
10/8/2003 Evelyn Uecker  (Uecker, Evelyn) Dickinson
2/15/2003 Anna Ulschak  (Ulschak, Anna) Dickinson
11/20/2003 Hattie Urbanec  (Urbanec, Hattie) Dickinson
4/29/2003 Anna Wagner  (Wagner, Anna) Baker
4/16/2003 Elizabeth Wandler  (Wandler, Elizabeth) Dickinson
4/7/2003 Esther Wehner  (Wehner, Esther) Dickinson
5/3/2003 Tracy Carson Weiss  (Weiss, Tracey Carson) Dickinson
5/26/2003 Edward James Wentz  (Wentz, Edward James) Dickinson
1/28/2003 Earl T. White  (White, Earl T.) Ekalaka
8/5/2003 Mabel White  (White, Mabel) Ekalaka
3/19/2003 Melvin Wolenetz  (Wolenetz, Melvin) Baker
12/3/2003 Jodi Zander  (Zander, Jodi) Dickinson
6/30/2003 Lester "Les" zumBrunnen  (zunBrunnen, Lester "Les") Dickinson

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